How to care for your asphalt driveway...

Asphalt driveway require the least amount of maintenance compared to; gravel driveways, oil & stone driveways, or interlocking pacers. 


Asphalt driveways are basically maintenance free, but to keep them looking their best we recommend the following procedure :

1. Broom clean or blow any loose debris from the driveway. If you have a permeable asphalt driveway you should probably vacuum it to remove any sand on debis that could impede the water draining through the asphalt. 

2. Soak the driveway with a garden hose and generously pour powder laundry detergent on any oil spots or stains. Allow the detergent to sit for 10-15 minutes then with a stiff scrubbing brush prefereith a long handle scrub the stains.  

3. Rinse the driveway with a hose or a power washer. DO NOT use tips with less that a 40 degree angle. Keep the wand approximately 2 ft. away from the pavement and work from one side to the other than back. 

This method will not completely remove oil stains but should make them less noticeable. When any petroleum products get on asphalt the most important this is absorb them up as quickly as possible. Kitty litter or speedy dry work well. With a little maintenance your asphalt driveway should be looking great for years to come. If your driveway is beyond cleaning give us a call so we can give you a detailed estimate on how much it will be to replace it with a new driveway.